Color Match 1

You have completed Color Theory in Flesh Tone and want to put what you know about color in skin to the test. Color Match is the next step, a practical application of color theory in skin and brown! Color Match trains your eye to understand and see color in skin. Learn how color presents itself in skin, how to work color theory in neutral, how to match skin tones and adjust color for your clients, including color correction. 

Color Match consists of 10 lessons followed by a 2-hour virtual hands-on portion with Terri Tomlinson. This class comes with a physical kit (value $275) which is mailed to you upon registration. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion. 

**This class is recommended to those that have taken Color Theory in Flesh Tone or attended an in-person Color Theory in Flesh Tone class with Terri. 

13 Lessons

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13 Lessons in Color Match 1:

1. The Anatomy and Color of Skin

To understand the physical properties of skin as why skins are different colors..

2. Seeing Color in Skin Part 1

Exploring Skin Color Through Science.

3. Working in Brown 1

Understanding brown to see value and undertone.

4. Depth VS. Under Tone

How Depth and Undertone Affect Skin Color. A Lesson on Mixing 101.

5. Creating a Brown Scale

Creating a Brown Scale to visualize skin depth.

6. Seeing Color in Skin 2

How to Color Match Skin

7. Adjusting Color to Skin

Learning to Customize Color to the Skin

8. When Pink is Warm

If red is warm in color theory, why is pink cool?

9. Color Correction 1

Creating and Customizing Color Correction .

10. Analyzing Brand Color

How to work with multiple brands and customize color.

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A Color Conversation

Chat with Senna founder and Iconic Makeup Artist Eugenia Weston

Schedule Hands-On with Terri

Practice actively using and working Color Theory in Browns