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 Color Theory is Magic! Understanding how to apply color theory into skin tone and neutral is a game changer. 

Are you interested in knowing more about color theory and how to use it in makeup and skin? Do you struggle seeing undertone and working with complexion? How do you know what eye shadow colors are best for you and your clients?

 All of these questions can be answered by studying Color Theory in Flesh Tone and training your eye with Color Match. Terri Tomlinson's revolutionary program takes traditional color theory and puts it into the language of skin and neutrals. Being able to see and work color in skin is a powerful tool for any artist, allowing you to understand what color will do, how to manipulate it and customize it for your clients. 

 This online platform was created as a way to bring Color Theory in Flesh Tone to artists around the globe. However as the platform grows you will see regular makeup classes, faces shapes and more, all for the working artist. 

 You can purchase classes individually, buy a Bundle or purchase The Program.  Bundles come with extra content and The Program gives members access to everything on the platform, with  new content being added quarterly. Deets are below!

Lessons in Color Theory in Flesh Tone :

  1. 1 Introduction & Class Needs

    Objective: About the class.

  2. 2 Color Theory Basics

    Objective: Getting to know the color wheel.

  3. 3 The Principles of Color Theory

    Objective: Understanding how color works together.

  4. 4 Finding Skin Tone and Neutral

    Objective: Understand where skin tone exists in color theory.

  5. 5 The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™

    Objective: Using color theory in neutral and working the wheel.

  6. 6 Certificate of Completion

    Objective: Congratulations! You finished CTFT

Lessons in Color Match 1:

  1. 1 Printable Material

    Objective: Download Student Material

  2. 2 1. The Anatomy and Color of Skin

    Objective: To understand the physical properties of skin as why skins are different colors..

  3. 3 2. Seeing Color in Skin Part 1

    Objective: Exploring Skin Color Through Science.

  4. 4 3. Working in Brown 1

    Objective: Understanding brown to see value and undertone.

  5. 5 4. Depth VS. Under Tone

    Objective: How Depth and Undertone Affect Skin Color. A Lesson on Mixing 101.

  6. 6 5. Creating a Brown Scale

    Objective: Creating a Brown Scale to visualize skin depth.

  7. 7 6. Seeing Color in Skin 2

    Objective: How to Color Match Skin

  8. 8 7. Adjusting Color to Skin

    Objective: Learning to Customize Color to the Skin

  9. 9 8. When Pink is Warm

    Objective: If red is warm in color theory, why is pink cool?

  10. 10 9. Color Correction 1

    Objective: Creating and Customizing Color Correction .

  11. 11 10. Analyzing Brand Color

    Objective: How to work with multiple brands and customize color.

  12. 12 Evaluation Form

    Objective: A Place for Feedback

  13. 13 A Color Conversation

    Objective: Chat with Senna founder and Iconic Makeup Artist Eugenia Weston

Lessons in Face & Eye Shapes :

  1. 1 Face Shapes

    Objective: How to customize blush, highlight & contour based on face shape.

  2. 2 Eye Shapes

    Objective: Creating balance on the eyes

Lessons in Live w/ Terri: Skin Type & Prep:

  1. 1 Handout

    Objective: Skincare and Prep Products

Lessons in 10 Steps to Starting a Creative Business:

  1. 1 Video 10 Steps

    Objective: Video Portion

  2. 2 Handout 10 Steps

    Objective: Hand Out to Accompany Video

Lessons in Free Sessions:

  1. 1 Want a Career in Makeup?

    Objective: Want to be a makeup artist? Where to start?

  2. 2 Terri Talks

    Objective: Why is Color Theory Important?

  3. 3 Terri Talks 2

    Objective: Community is important!

About Terri Tomlinson

Terri Tomlinson is a veteran makeup artist and educator with over 30 years in the cosmetic, production and beauty industry. She is the owner of Makeup Training Academy in Dallas, Texas and the creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. She currently works with makeup artists, brands, schools and the consumer on makeup application, color development and theory.
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