Makeup Class Online
by Terri Tomlinson

Learn at your own pace and on your own time from Makeup Artist and Educator Terri Tomlinson. Our most popular classes & workshops are now available online at starting with Terri’s world famous “Color Theory in Flesh Tone” class.

This online platform was created as a way to bring color theory in skin to artists around the globe. As the platform grows you will see more makeup application and business classes, all for the working makeup artist.

You can purchase classes individually, buy a Color Theory Bundle or purchase THE PROGRAM! Members receive everything offered on the platform with THE PROGRAM, including new content which is added quarterly. Are you ready to grow your skill and theoretical understanding of color as an artist? Let’s get started.

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Available Courses

First step in becoming a makeup artist is understanding Color Theory and Light Theory! Our color and face/eye shape classes cover those theories to give you a strong foundation. From there we focus on application technique, product knowledge and understanding the role and business of makeup.

Learn About Color Theory In Skin

Color Theory is Magic! Understanding how to apply color theory into skin tone and neutral is a game changer.

Are you interested in knowing more about color theory and how to use it in makeup and skin? Do you struggle seeing undertone and working with complexion? How do you know what eye shadow colors are best for you and your clients?

All of these questions can be answered by studying Color Theory in Flesh Tone and training your eye with Color Match. Terri Tomlinson's revolutionary program takes traditional color theory and puts it into the language of skin and neutrals. Being able to see and work color in skin is a powerful tool for any artist, allowing you to understand what color will do, how to manipulate it and customize it for your clients.

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Many people ask Terri how to get started as a makeup artist. Her answer is always the same, "Study, learn and practice, practice, practice!" This is true for both new and existing artists. First comes light and color theory. Having an understanding of color theory and how to work it in skin is the most important thing to know. Then, develop technical skill in application and learn about the products you use. From there it is about studying the different aspects of makeup artistry and practice!

Being a makeup artist is more than putting makeup on a face with a series of steps, it is about understanding that the face is the canvas. It is knowing how to perfect that face and create your vision. To have a vision you need creativity, application is about SKILL!. Makeup Class Online is about bringing that skill, those fundamental techniques and theories to you. As we grow and bring more to this program, you grow as an artist. 

About Terri Tomlinson

In the 30+ years of her career, Terri Tomlinson has become a well-known and respected name in makeup. Her experience as a makeup artist is vast, spanning 3 decades and all mediums, however it is within the educational sphere that she has become most recognized. As the creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel® and The Flesh Tone Fan™, Terri is more than a beauty
expert, she has revolutionized the way color theory is taught and utilized within the makeup industry.
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